Friday, June 12, 2009

To Paint, or Not to Paint

I want to move. There are no kids in our neighborhood. But, we have some work to do/finish on our house before we can do anything. One big one is the kitchen. It needs updating. When I was originally considering remodeling plans, it included things that would be for me. Now, I think what do I need to do that is enough to sell the house?

Option 1: Paint cabinets white. They have a lined look that painted white would look like beadboard.

Option 2: Reface cabinets - keep in current configuration

Option 3: Gut the kitchen.

Please vote.


MontyFam said...

One of the least expensive things to do would be to paint the cabinets. They look like they're in good condition. We painted ours and got new hardware. It made a huge difference. I don't know what your budget is or how much you would want to do on your own. If money is no object then I would hire someone to come in and do all the work : )

Mandy said...

what's the price point on your house?? if it's higher, then you might need a new kitchen, but otherwise I'd vote paint - we've painted the cabinets in 3 of our houses, so I love painted cabinets - and don't limit yourself to white - I've had blue and a deep greenish and loved them

Leslie said...

I vote reface ~

gardeniagirl said...

Yeah, I think painting is a good option.

Mark and Tara Christiansen said...

I like the paint idea with cool new handles for the doors. Have you thought about taking out the cabinets above the stove area. I think it would open up the area and help in the update as well.

Kara said...

I like the idea of removing the cabinets over the stove to open up the whole room. Painting the cabinets and adding new hardware is probably the best way to go. It will give the room a fresh look. If you gut the kitchen it will end up costing more than you expect (even with a budget most people end up spending more than they planned to) and you will probably not make that much more in return after the sale.

Renee said...

I'd also vote to paint - why not try it first. If you can sell it that way, it's certainly your cheapest option. Especially since you wouldn't be there to enjoy a more extensive renovation.

Rob said...

I received your mesage about redecorating your kitchen.

I would try to coordinate any painting with the kitchen/dining table, chairs, curtains and bric-a brac that is on view.

If your furniture is wood color, then any soft pastel color, two coats, for the cabinet would look good. Then choose the same color, slightly deeper for the curtains. White cabinet knobs are fine if they are in good condition.

Find a small braided rug in the same colors for the floor.

Pretty placemats on the table will look good. A vase of flowers in the same colors as the cabinets will also add to the effect.

Usually, for a kitchen, unless it is flooded with sunlight, looks good in soft yellows. White can be very clinical.

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Julie said...

Cripe distibuting (online) has nice quality handles for a great price! The pulls are nice on drawers with knobs on the cabinets. You could paint and then add hardware. There are a lot of how-tos online and you can check out others redos on hgtv rate my space.